Stacy and John (aka Buddy) are the epitome of East meets West. She is from California and he is from New York. Both beautiful people inside and out, I learned how much Buddy helped Stacy break out of her shell. Buddy is truly the life of the party. They battled what to do about their wedding in the wake of the ongoing COVID pandemic but after multiple change of plans, they were able to create an incredible day filled with two events. In the morning, Stacy and Buddy held a traditional ceremony on the rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel in front of their family. What made it even more special, the hotel was actually closed to the public so we had the whole place to ourselves. The ceremony was followed up with a socially distanced lunch with guests sitting in their assigned pods. 

Then the evening kicked off as their families left and 30 of Stacy and Buddy's closest friends arrived for a cocktail party. It was filled with laughter, dancing and so much love. They never let the circumstances get them down and pulled off an incredible wedding!

Modern Love at Gramercy Park Hotel

Coordination: Chère Rosalie

Videographer: Lonely Eskimos

Bridal Salon: L'Fay Bridal