Ali and Justin were such a breath of fresh air in the midst of the pandemic. I actually first learned about them from Ali's mom when she reached out to me. They had to postpone/cancel their big California wedding but were thinking about still getting married on their original date. Problem was only 4 weeks away. So, I immediately went over to the family home they were living since getting out of Brooklyn and got to work. Ali and Justin were honestly the perfect couple to plan this quick wedding with because they knew what they liked, were able to go with the flow and truly were just so happy they were actually going to get married. Their energy made what would have been a stressful and rushed month feel so easy.

Come wedding day, everything went so incredible. We were some how blessed with perfect, warm weather in the middle of October. It was meant to be! Every single detail was thoroughly thought about from the DIY picnic boxes, the COVID precautions taken, the locally-sourced food, the vibrant Fall-forward decor and everything in between. I must say, the pictures don't even do the day justice because it was just such a perfect wedding for the perfect couple!

Waterfront Soirée on Lake Oscawana

Coordination: Chère Rosalie

Photographer: Emily Main Photography

Hair & Makeup: Bridal by Alexandria